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    Third Day: Move
    Third Day's newest released on October 19, 2010. Their last CD, Revelation, asked the question, "Tell me should I stay here, or do I need to move?" This CD answers that question, "MOVE"! And this collection of Third Day songs will inspire you to do just that.

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Stephanie Levsen

Gomers Rule!



Awesome post Mama G! I think it goes to show the character of all involved. These guys have awesome integrity and character.

Lori Hamlin

Awwwww - great review. As much as I have enjoyed Revelation, I just HAVE to get my hands on this DVD/CD combo.

Evan Nee

Wow! That review makes me want a copy! I also really love Revelation when they play it live. Mark Lee really sticks the ending!

Evan Nee

Chris aka G-man

Great review Mama. Clearly Third Day shines live. Otherside is a killer. Revelation live totally rocks. When Love Comes to Town is most excellent as well. People buy this CD/DVD.


I love this DVD! It was great reliving some of the Music Builds Tour. I also enjoyed the behind the scenes look at life of the road.


nice review, Corrine!
Planning on picking up a copy at Target tomorrow!!!


I really wanted to buy a copy of this for myself, but I don't have the money right now. And your review makes me want it that much more. So it would be a great blessing if I were to win one of the copies.

Michelle Owen

Thanks for the awesome review MamaG!! I already own a dvd and have watched it 2x's in the last 24 hours but I would REALLY, REALLY LOVE an autographed copy of it!! That would be the icing on the cake!

Eric Hendrickson aka USCErock Gomer

Great review Mama!


Oooh! I'd love to win one - sounds fantabulous! :D


I loved the dvd! So did Nathan. :) I'd love to win a copy for a friend, so here I am commenting! :)

Ron E. Trees

The DVD rocks!!!! Thief is my all time favorite TD song and the version on the DVD is the best. Great review here Corrine!!


Sarah S

Sounds like it is a really good DVD! Can't wait to see it! :-D


Sounds like you are really enjoying the new DVD!

Chelsie Gratzer

Randomly, huh?
Hahaha, I love it!

(I'm not very lucky with random drawings! But I am good at being random!)

Denise Whitfield

I want to win a copy! I don't have one! :)
Denise W.


Live Revelations will definitely win Long Form Video of the Year at next year's Dove Awards. It's an awesome project and sheds a huge light on what makes Third Day so unique and blessed... their secret weapon is Jesus, and a heart that longs to be used by Him. Man, I love those guys.



Barry Levsen

I am 12 years old and I really love third days music my mom got me hooked on them and I would really love to win an autograph copy of third days cd It would be a huge blessing right now my family is struggling because my dad is out of work and my mom is the only one working so we cannot afford it. i know God Provides for us always


I loved your review, Corrine. Pre-ordered mine as soon as this project was available. It's so wonderful to be able to relive the memories of the MB tour especially since some of the video is filmed at the Raleigh show which I attended. The way the Houston show came together just proves what God can do through His power.

Dan Gross

Hey I came to sign up for the chance at the giveaway but stayed for the awesome review. Good job!

Michelle Fecher

Fanastic review! Count me in! Sounds great. It would be even greater if this tour was coming somewhere near me when I'm in the state! Argh! I'm going through 3D concert withdrawal!

Rainlily Gomer

I'm bummed I wasn't able to see the Revelation Tour but now I have a copy of Live Revelations so I can at least close my eyes & PRETEND that I'm there!

Carol L (TDfan)

Awesome review Corrine. I pre-ordered mine and watched as soon as I got it. I was at the show in Raleigh. Really enjoy the fact that the fans get to be a part of the experience. I really enjoyed seeing the off stage and back stage clips also. These guys are so personable and gracious to let us into their lives as they use their talent to spread God's word. Thanks for posting.


awesome review as always! love and miss ya lots!

P.S. Is this how I enter?

Angie (angelfan)

Thanks, Corrine, for your blog post & allowing us the chance to win the Live Revelations DVD. I'm like you; I love to play Third Day cd's in the car-cranked to the max-when I'm driving by myself! I already have the DVD/CD but would love to win another and pass it on to a deserving friend or my sister-in-law who is just waking up to who Third Day is. (She bought their Christmas DVD in December). I especially loved seeing the 3D guys with their children & wives. It was probably a drag to have the camera-man following them around but those images are so sweet for us fans to see! Very precious! Thanks for your openness and honesty about life off & on the road, Third Day! Loved all the rockin' tunes as well.

Corrine aka Mama Gomer

Thank God I have a Random Number Picker, but even with that, this was hard. I know so many of you and wish I had a copy for each of you! But I have to be fair and stick with the randomizer's decision.

The winners are:
#6 Silverose
#10 Eric Hendrickson aka USCErock Gomer

Congratulations! Please email me your addresses so I can mail you your prize!


i want to win this

John !

I just got the new WOW HITS 2010 CD. Third Day's song "Revelation" is one of my favorites. There are so many good songs on there.

At their site I entered to win a CD for every day of the year. Check it out:


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