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    Third Day: Move
    Third Day's newest released on October 19, 2010. Their last CD, Revelation, asked the question, "Tell me should I stay here, or do I need to move?" This CD answers that question, "MOVE"! And this collection of Third Day songs will inspire you to do just that.

  • Third Day: Third Day Concert Radio
    Listen to Third Day's concerts recorded live from the comfort of your computer. The new Third Day Concert Radio is on ThirdDay.com (top right corner of the homepage) and free to everyone!

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Ryan Hancock

Hey Scotty dont know if you remember me and my family while you were on vacation in Destin. I'm the guy you gave the Decemberradio album to, I've been wearing it out in my cd player. I tell you how much it means to me, just wanted to say thanks again. Hope you see this message. Ever near BG ky. call me 270-782-6979 or 779-6016. JN 10;10

Ricky Byrum

Scotty, man I love your work December radio!

I am looking to record a few songs that you might describe as Disciple meets December radio with a bit more of an edge in places.

I'd like to hear your rates etc.
I am an indie and flying solo.

However, I am discussing marketing and promotions with Michael Wittig
of Pillar fame.

Holler back

Merry Christmas and God bless you and yours,

Ricky Byrum


Emily Harber

Hi Scotty, I'm not making any CD's lately. But it's been good to read about you and your work. Rob read about you and clued me in. We all still treasure our friendship with you and your family. May God bless you, Emily Harber. P.S. We just came back from a "Celebrators Conference" in Pigeon Forge for Sr.Adults. Chas.Billingsley led worship. Buddy really appreciated him.

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