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    Third Day's newest released on October 19, 2010. Their last CD, Revelation, asked the question, "Tell me should I stay here, or do I need to move?" This CD answers that question, "MOVE"! And this collection of Third Day songs will inspire you to do just that.

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    Listen to Third Day's concerts recorded live from the comfort of your computer. The new Third Day Concert Radio is on ThirdDay.com (top right corner of the homepage) and free to everyone!

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Birthday Greetings to YOU Mark on your special day. It was the treasures of your heart in our games that we played. Thank you for sharing, things so close and dear. That is what makes you so special, all throughout the year.

Mucho Hugs!

Rose R

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. LEE!!!! God bless you always!

Karen ~Oibts~

Happy Birthday Mark I thank the Lord for bringing you into this world on this very special day. God bless lots of Hugs. Karen :)

Marjan VandenBrink

Happy birthday Mark, wishing you a blessed and joyus day. God bless you on your special day. I am very thankful for you as well. I love the songs you have written. They are a huge blessing to me. Love Marjan


Hey, Gomers!!
I would like to ask you guys the lyrics of "What I'm living for", form Chronology II DVD.
I'm looking for it and I can't find it!!!
Please, help me!

Mama Gomer

Sorry, Marco, I don't think that's available anywhere.

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