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    Third Day's newest released on October 19, 2010. Their last CD, Revelation, asked the question, "Tell me should I stay here, or do I need to move?" This CD answers that question, "MOVE"! And this collection of Third Day songs will inspire you to do just that.

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They sang "Love Song". Mark commented on his blog that he had the pleasure of being a human karaoke machine!

This show was amazing for many reasons. I worked the night before-got off work at 7am-was on a plane at 9am-picked up at the airport by Bonnie at 1pm-took a shower to wake up-went downstairs to meet all my "pretend" friends (that is how my husband referred to my Gomer friends in the beginning)-went to dinner-went to the show-took another shower-left for the airport at 6am-on a plane home by 9am-in Raleigh at 1pm. (Did you notice what was missing????? SLEEP!!!!! It is overrated...who really needs it?)

Fun times. But Corrine do you realize that is the last time I've actually seen you in person? What the heck???? Looking forward to October!!!!

Corrine aka Mama Gomer

Wendy, that was the ONLY time we've ever seen each other in person. I can't wait till the Music Builds Tour in October!

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