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Mama Gomer

Please forgive the typos in the above post. I pecked it all out with one finger on my iPhone. Awesome that I can do that, but don't think I could stand to do it often


Well considering it's just me and Mike...well Christmas is usually over December 26th although I'll still take a sneak peek at a Christmas movie a time or two after that. But next year considering we're going to be home and with family...well yeh then it probably won't end until like Jan 1st. Personally for me it feels like Christmas until Jan 1st...then life gets back to 'normal', whatever that may be. So Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Mama G (on tuesday of course). ;-) *hugs*


I'm with you Corrine! Definitely not one of those "Once it's over, it's over" kinda people! I first thought "I'm gonna make Christmas last till January 1st" But then I found that we never had time to take the decorations down on the 1st because we were so busy celebrating & planning that day. So we would end up taking everything down on the 2nd (which happens to be my birthday). And that's just not acceptable :p So for me, Christmas ends any time after January 2nd. Funny thing though, last year was my first time in this garage apartment at my parents' house & I set up my tree for Christmas. I just LOOOOVED the lighting it gave off. Gave the room a warm, cozy feel! Loved it so much, in fact, that I didn't take my tree down until March! :p But yeah, Christmas is the holiday that keeps on going in our house :) Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Happy Birthday to you!


First, I can't believe you pecked out this blog on your iphone. Good show!

Back to the original q:I'm with you. Christmas is over on January 2. That is when we put all Christmas decorations away, and our Christmas appetites. The time between Christmas and New Years allows me to just savor the season. Anything before Christmas is just a check box off of the "to do" list.

so even if Christmas is over, I try to enjoy it a few days longer.


January 1st is when Christmas is over for me. I spend Thanksgiving up till Christmas decorating, baking, buying, and wrapping. Once the kids tear through opening their gifts then I can relax. LMN and Hallmark have some great Christmas movies all December long. The one thing I miss though is the original Scrooge (B/W version).


I am with you-I like to drag it out for as long as possible. The Christmas music and movies are some of my favorite of all time, so I enjoy them at least through the 1st...I can still get away with watching Elf or White Christmas through January ;) I also collect snowmen and have a TON of them, so since they are not merely a Christmas decoration, but a winter theme (as much of a winter as we have in Texas!) ;), I keep those up through January or February-and some are appropriate to leave out all year long!

Unfortunately, I was sick all of this Christmas-so my time was spent just relaxing and resting-and still trying to recover!!

Happy New Year! :)


Christmas is over for me on Epiphany Sunday, (Jan.4). I'll listen to Third Day Christmas music til then and that's about the time the tree will come down as well. But I might have to sneak in the Christmas cd a few times over the next few months....it's awesome!

Jeannie DeChant

For us it usually that week after Christmas. We try to visit with family that week. This year it is my brother who is in town, in fact he is leaving to head back to Colorado today. Makes me sad to see Christmas over.


Mine is never Over


never ever ever Love all of you keep me in prayer and my family love ya gomer peace


Right after we open presents! I'm done with the tree & ready to take it down. Once I took it down Christmas night. Usually, I clean up day after. This year is the longest I've ever left the tree up, which was Jan. 2nd.


Right after we open presents! I'm done with the tree & ready to take it down. Once I took it down Christmas night. Usually, I clean up day after. This year is the longest I've ever left the tree up, which was Jan. 2nd.


Couldn't agree more with you...after the 25th the pressure is off... always get this tinge of sadness when the tree comes down and the lights go out...

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