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    Third Day: Move
    Third Day's newest released on October 19, 2010. Their last CD, Revelation, asked the question, "Tell me should I stay here, or do I need to move?" This CD answers that question, "MOVE"! And this collection of Third Day songs will inspire you to do just that.

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    Listen to Third Day's concerts recorded live from the comfort of your computer. The new Third Day Concert Radio is on ThirdDay.com (top right corner of the homepage) and free to everyone!

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You might be a Third Day Gomer if love coming to GomerTopia to see whats happening :)

Michelle Owen

you might be a @thirdday @3DGomer if third day is the only band your kids know!

Chelsie Gratzer

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomer if all of the pictures on your computer are of the guys in Third Day and some of you and the guys.

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomer if the drummer remembers you by your FULL name. First, middle, and last!

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomer if you've gotten multiple DM's and tweets from Mac or any of the other guys for that matter.

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomer if you're fifteen years old and listen to nothing but Third Day while your friends are listening to other music.

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomer if your in someone else's car and they're listening to something else.. and you turn on your iPod and crank up the Third Day music.

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomer if you go to ten Third Day concerts in one year and not once in the state you live in since they aren't coming to your state this year. (Uhhumm.. INDIANA!!)

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomer if you've maxed out your credit card in the Third Day online store or at a Third Day concert. (I don't have a credit card.. but I thought this was a good one.)

Sooooo.. I've got a few others, but I think I have said enough for the night! I might come back ;ater to say some more.

Mary aka Marmoo68

You might be a @thirdday @3dgomers if anything other than first row is considered a lousy seat at a concert!

Christine Jock

You might be a @thirdday @3Dgomers if you have enough 3D shirts to get you through several weeks without a duplicate.

You might be a @thirdday @3Dgomers if your kids tell you that so-and-so looks like Mac Powell because they have a goatee!

You might be a @thirdday @3Dgomers if your kids don't know any secular songs, but know every word of every 3D song. Praise God!

Angie (angelfan)

You might be a @thirdday @3Dgomers if the only people who can understand your enthusiasm for Third Day are other gomers.

You might be a @thirdday @3Dgomers if all your Third Day cd's are stacked conveniently on the kitchen counter (is that kind of red-neck or what?) and can be quickly and easily accessed at moment's notice when you want to put one in the cd player.

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomers if a majority of the stories on your Facebook newsfeed are from other Gomers.

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomers if you've made a ton of great friends through Gomertopia, the Boards and thirdday.com

jennifer (wife of bobby)

hey, where are mine from twitter last night??

Wendy (SirMax)

You might be a @thirdday @3dgomers if you strangely resemble all the above statements!

You might be a @thirdday @3dgomers if you actually got to see a concert when @macpowell had blonde hair!

You might be a @thirdday @3dgomers if you played ALL five Scavenger Hunts to collect the buttons (I did win the MPSH!)

You might be a @thirdday @3dgomers if you get mad when your Gomers friends move because you lose your concert buddies (Sarah and Ali!)

You might be a @thirdday @3dgomers if your 3D Board name is how people know you and all your other social site names include your board name too.

Jean DeChant

You might be a @3dGomer if you give away a chance to meet another band that you love just because their meet and greet is at the same time as Third Day. After all this will be number 8.

Corrine aka Mama Gomer

Jennifer, I didn't copy all of them here. There were so many!

I just went back and looked at yours. Sometimes I think Twitter plays tricks on me. I do not remember seeing those! They are quite good, too!

"You might be a @ThirdDay @3DGomer if you danced to a 3D song at your wedding for your first dance.

You might be a @ThirdDay @3DGomer if you compete with your spouse over who has been to more concerts."

But Jennifer, you missed the most obvious one in your case.

You might be a @ThirdDay @3DGomers if you met your spouse on the Third Day message boards!

(That is still so awesome! Bobby and Jennifer were the first of many couples to meet on the boards and marry.)


You might be an @thirdday @3DGomers If you LOVE them even though they NEVER play in your state!!!!

Carol L (tdfan gomer)

You might be a @Thirdday @3sgomer If you see someone at work in an orange outfit and you thin "that would look great at a @thirdday concertl" (happened tonme twice this week LOL

Stacey Oldham

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomer if you consider Orange to be the new Black.


You might be a @thirdday @3dgomer if you pick up your cell and it takes an hour after you wake up in the mornings just to read all the txts that the guys and @thirdday @3dgomer friends have tweeted the night before!!

Chelsie Gratzer

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomers if you talk to your Gomer buddies on Facebook more than you talk to your family and friends.

You might be a @thirdday @3DGomers if your brother came up with an idea of making a van look like Mac. Paint the van plaid, mirrors for ears, goatee around the grill (I think that's the right word!), and putting fake hair on it to make it look like him. (He got the idea from the movie 'Dumb and Dumber'!) (We came up with a lot of ideas! We were just playing around.)

Rose Richter (ShabbyGomer)

~ You might be a @ThirdDay @3DGomer if you try to help start a trend on Twitter w/ #3Dgomers #3dgomers #3dgomers #3dgomers #3dgomers #3dgomers #3dgomers #3dgomers #3dgomers & #thirdday #thirdday #thirdday #thirdday

~ You might be a @ThirdDay @3DGomer if your child asks you 2make 3D action figures & you do it. LOL

~ You might be a @ThirdDay @3DGomer if you get on a plane 2 get on a boat 4 the 1st time in ur life &try 2 get the Mama Gomer & Aunt Gomer 2go2!

~ You might be a @ThirdDay @3DGomer if you go through all the trouble to find old Twitter posts for a contest. Yes, it's hard & takes time. =)

~ You might be a @ThirdDay @3DGomer if you stay up too late on Twitter w/other Gomers TIB'n & LOL'n.



You might be a @thirdday @3DGomers if you get a friend suggestion on FB for someone you don't recognize, see that you have 20+ mutual friends & can guess, not only how you "know" that person, but also who the 20+ mutual friends are! *wink*

Corrine aka Mama Gomer

This contest is now closed. I will publish the winner later today. Thank you all for playing!

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