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    Third Day: Move
    Third Day's newest released on October 19, 2010. Their last CD, Revelation, asked the question, "Tell me should I stay here, or do I need to move?" This CD answers that question, "MOVE"! And this collection of Third Day songs will inspire you to do just that.

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Evan Henk

1. Which do you usually buy, hard copy CDs or digital tracks? Why?
Hard copies and sometimes digital. I like to get hard copies but it depends on the price.
2. If you buy digital, do you usually buy the entire CD or just the songs you know you'll like?
3. If you buy CDs, do you play the CDs, or do you download it to your computer or device and primarily listen to it on there?
Primarily on iTunes/iPod


I always buy hard copies because I can get pics, lyrics, and background info to read. It's something I put in my CD player at home, at school, and in my car. Downloading is a pain. I ove CDs :)

Sarah Sullivan

1. I always buy CD's for my favorite bands. I prefer the CD because you have something to get autographed if given the chance. How can Third Day sign a digital copy??

2. Typically, I go digital for buying songs from bands that I only like certain songs they have done. No sense in buying a whole CD if you only like one song on it.

3. I don't currently have a CD player, other than on my computer, so it gets loaded onto the iPod...and that makes it more portable@

Jeff Cooke

1/2/3: I buy the singles digitally when they are released prior to the full album. Then I buy the CD because I like all of the "stuff." I add the CD to my computer and listen to it on my MP3 player except when I'm in the car. I usually burn a copy for the car but in the case of Third Day I seriously buy a car copy and keep an archive copy after loading it into my computer. When getting a CD autographed I keep that as the archive copy. There are times, however, when I buy singles digitally rather than a whole album if it's an artist that I like in doses.

Chelsie Gratzer

1. I usually buy hard copies of CD's of bands that I love. But for songs I just want to listen to but not buy the whole record, I buy digital copies. I buy digital copies because that's just the best form! You get lyrics, pictures, and something for them to sign so they know that you have it. And not to mention you can actually say, "I hold a masterpiece in my hands everyday!" :)

2. When I buy digital, I usually only get the songs I want.

3. I do both! Listen to the CD's in the car and in my CD player AND I download it to my computer and put it on my iPod, too. :)

Rachel Marotta

I used to buy CDs before all of mine were stolen. Now I only buy Third Day CDs. I listen to CDs in the car and put them on to my computer.

Sara Kerr

I like to buy the cd and then put it on the computer. That way I can have it on my iPod but also have the cd to listen to in the car.

Terri Seal

1. I usually buy mp3s, but ALL my Third Day albums (& we do own ALL :)) are hard copy. Then everything is down loaded onto ipods for convenience.

2. When I buy digital its often the whole album.

3. Refer to #1 ;)

Doriano Rossi

1. CDs but doing more digital. Why CDs? Old fashioned. More digital now because of deluxe editions giving bonus tracks, video and finally including digipak(liner notes).

2. Rarely buy single tracks. That helps above answer. Digital is the method for single tracks.

3. Both. Put on iTouch and make copy to listen to in both cars.


1. I like the book inside the CD
3. I put it on my ipod

Cindy Boo

I prefer the CD because you get the pics & liner notes, but I have bought digital pre releases! Usually transfer the CD to the computer & then to my ipod!!

Adam Mazurek

1. I only buy albums from Third Day. I download other songs that I like from other artists from Itunes.
2. I just buy the songs I like digitally.
3. When I get a cd I normally right away put it on my ipod. I only listen to the cd then when I am in the car.

Kara Paulson

1. I buy mainly hard copies. Like to have it in my hands, look through the pics and liner notes, easier to listen to in my car.

2. Digitally I've bought more single songs than I have whole albums.

3. Newer CDs get played as much as I listen to them through my electronic device. Older cds get played mainly through electronic device.

Linda Blaylock

1. I buy the hard copy cd so I can listen in the car or at home. Working on getting the whole Thirdday Library, That would be awesome!


1. I buy hard copies of cd's. Mainly so I can play them in my vehicle.

2. I haven't purchased any digital music.

3. I download cd's to my computer and portable hard drive. I like to listen to the music on the computer and also download to MP4 player.

P. Alf Nik

1. I purchase CDs of my favorite artists. I like to see all the details of what they put into the packaging. I would not buy digital music by Third Day. I want their projects in my hand.

2. I purchase digital music mostly of random popular songs I like to listen to.

3.I put all of my music on my computer, my laptop and my ipod, and listen to my CDs in my car.

Ralph Niederlander Jr

I buy at Amazon and almost always full cds. With favorite bands I get the CDs for liner notes and such. Yes I play the cds, but if I really like it it goes on my droid as well

David Kerley

I Buy CD's like To Play Them In My Car And Put Them On My Ipod


1. Hard copy CDs because I like to have the little booklet that comes with it. Also, used CDs on Amazon are usually cheaper than the digital download (even with shipping costs.)

2. I only buy single songs in digital format.

3. I download them all to my computer, but the ones that I REALLY like get played in the car from the original CD.

Noonie Jones

I buy whatever's whatever's cheaper

Dan Gross

Realizing I missed the chance to win but answering anyway. :)

1. Which do you usually buy, hard copy CDs or digital tracks? Why?
These days, hard copy CD's. Can't rationalize paying the same price for digital-only content. Heck even $1 less...Usually only get digital if it's really low price, like the Amazon $5 sales.

2. If you buy digital, do you usually buy the entire CD or just the songs you know you'll like?
Usually song-at-a-time. Depends. For a while all I bought was digital singles. No albums. But now it's mostly albums in hard copy.

3. If you buy CDs, do you play the CDs, or do you download it to your computer or device and primarily listen to it on there?

CD's in car....but even then it's a burned copy of a ripped CD. Keep the original pristine (& where I know where it is) like I used to do w/ vinyl->cassette. :)

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