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    Third Day: Move
    Third Day's newest released on October 19, 2010. Their last CD, Revelation, asked the question, "Tell me should I stay here, or do I need to move?" This CD answers that question, "MOVE"! And this collection of Third Day songs will inspire you to do just that.

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Carol Lightcap (TDfan Gomer)

I'd love to see Needtobreathe tour wit them. Concert request would be the entire Chronology 1 & 2. Three songs would be Creed, Sky Falls Down and Communion.

Stephanie Levsen

Need to breathe or Casting crowns :)

otherside and some older songs like come together and some songs off the new cd MOVE :)

Love song,otherside,lift up your face

Cindy Boo

1. Switchfoot, David Crowder, DecembeRadio, Audio Adrenaline(not likely tho for AA)lol
2.All of MOVE would be awesome, but a good mix of all their tunes would bee cool too!
3.Show Me Your Glory, I'll Be Your Miracle & Trust In Jesus

Michelle Stubbs  live-love-laugh

1.Casting Crowns and Jeremy Camp
2.All Request would be awesome
3.Offerings,Theif and Mountain of God.

Connie Artero

1.A tour with Need to breathe or Kutless would be great!
2.All of Move since it's their newest but would love to hear some old school stuff too.
3.Consuming Fire, Mountain of God, and Tunnel.

Adam Mazurek

1. I would like to see them tour with Switchfoot and Casting Crowns!

2. I would love for them to be able to play all of Move and maybe a few oldies.

3. This is a tough question, but I would probably want them to play Rise Up, Blind and You Are Mine.

Sara Kerr

1. I would love to see them with Needtobreathe and Jars of Clay.
2. A mixture of all their songs would be nice to hear.
3. Eagles, Give, Consuming Fire


1. MercyMe, Casting Crowns or NeedtoBreathe.
2.Hits and old school songs (they never really get old.)
3.Show Me Your Glory, Anything, Sing A Song.

michelle owen...fivemos

1. NEEDTOBREATHE or DecemberRadio would be my dream tour! 2. The whole Move Cd would b cool! buy they'd have to mix all the classics in there too;) 3.Thief, Surrender, Make Your Move

Conrad Flynn

1. I would love to see Third Day tour with NEEDTOBREATHE

2. I'd like to hear Third Day play some of their new material from MOVE and some classics going back to Time/Conspiracy No. 5

3. Surrender, Shake, Blind

Rachel Marotta

This is by far the hardest question yet!

I guess it'd be cool if they toured with Amy Grant. Maybe then I could get my mom to come.

Oh my gosh, I'd want them to play everything. Maybe all of the stuff they have never ever played in concert before.

Impossible! Right now I would want Follow Me There, I Don't Know, and Long Time Comin' 'cause they're stuck in my head. :)

Zack Johnson (RevZeek)

1. I'd like to see the guys tour with Shane & Shane and John Mark McMillan

2. I'd love to hear some stuff from Southern Tracks/Time era

3. Never Bow Down, She Sings in Riddles, Long Time Comin,

Cindi Knell

1. Skillet or Decemberadio

2. A mix of new and old with more rock less worship

3. Make Your Move, Surrender, Slow Down


All three questions are impossible for me to answer. Are these trick questions? :) O.K. I'll try: 1) Natalie Grant, Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, Switchfoot; 2)Maybe a variety of skills and instruments and other band members' songs and vocals... a medly or a round...something creative and desired by each band member; 3)(just impossible to answer this one)Call My Name, Show Me Your Glory,Children of God.

Wildcat_Gomer (Layna)

1. Needtobreathe or Revive
2. A combination of Move and old school
3. Forever, Alien and I Got A Feeling


1. Needtobreathe
2. some older songs and some songs off MOVE
3. Thief Consuming Fire Make Your Move


1. Kari Jobe or Casting Crowns.
2. All requests and acoustic!
3. Thief, Communion, Revelation.



Will listen to whatever they play.

Holy Spirit. Gomer's Theme. Innocent.

Noonie Jones

1. Mercy Me
2. All songs off MOVE
3. Surrender Make Your Move Come On Down


1. I think they should tour with Needtobreathe.

2. A good mix of their greatest hits, stuff from the new record, and requests.

3. UNDERWATER, Sky Falls Down, and Who I Am

David Kerley

1. I think they should tour with Needtobreathe.

2. A good mix of their greatest hits, stuff from the new record, and requests.

3. UNDERWATER, Sky Falls Down, and Who I Am

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