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So what does this mean to us? Not really a whole lot, except that we won't be having another Great Gomer Gathering. You don't have to wear your Gomer shirt, or even orange, at Third Day concerts anymore. (I'll miss not having to wonder what to wear!) Gomer sites will probably slowly disappear. You don't have to call me Mama anymore, although you can if you want to. That's pretty much it. You can still be a Gomer, which now will mean you are an old-school Third Day fan. We'll still go to concerts together, still pray for and support Third Day in any way we can, still love them and each other. It's kind of like moving to a new house, starting a new life, which we are. We're still the same people, still love the same band, have all of our Gomer history, but it's a brand new day, and a new beginning for Third Day fans at Third Day Connect! If you haven't already, I hope you'll join us there. To borrow a phrase, "the best is yet to be!"


Well, even thought I've been a Third Day fan since 1999, I wasn't exactly a Gomer for long - didn't even know about it until I found Third Day's stuff online this year! But, Corrine will always be "Mama Gomer" to me!

Matt Hamilton

How sad. I could see it coming though. It seems like the last few Third Day shows I had been too, I did not see any orange. We will still have to stick together. I'm so glad I got to see you several times, Mama.


Though - not thought - typo!

Matt Hamilton

By the way, It was great getting to meet many other Gomers, not just Mama.

Cindy Boo

I still may be wearing my Gomer shirt to the concerts, ironically I am having another one customed designed!! Really was hoping for a Gomer Gathering, but it is what it is! Thanks for all you have done for us! Love ya Mama Gomer!!

Angie (angelfan)

I'm bringing my orange Gomer shirt on the cruise, Cindy. It's never been worn!


We may not get to do an official one again, but anytime a bunch of us gather, like we just did in Texas, it's a Gomer gathering! The cruise surely will be an official gathering.

Can't wait to see a picture of your shirt, Cindy!

Jeff Cooke

I think the Gomers concept was a cool idea though based on an unfaithful character...lol. Whatever Third Day fans are called (I refer to us as 3Ders) I'll be glad to be so tagged. Changes leave good scars sometimes and I'm glad for this scar. The new site is awesome. I look forward to the present and future while appreciating the past.

Rose Richter

Gomers or no Gomers, I know Third Day will always appreciate all you do for them, just as we appreciate you, Corrine! You & Debbie are awesome!

I look forward to all the new things going on with Third Day, that's for sure!

Terry (apostlethatroks)

At the risk of sounding like the baby being thrown out with the bath water (which is the polar opposite of how I really feel) I do need to share a few thoughts:

(1) They will hafta bury me with my Gomer shirt(s) because they (the tees & the peeps) were/are too significant in my life to be ignored. (8^D)

(2) If you ever want me to stop calling you Mama (and Debbie, Auntie) then you'll need to file the appropriate legal documents. Be advised, I won't go quietly. (:-p)

(3) I will never (I repeat, NEVER) replace my 3D GOMER license plate. I am, however, willing to donate it to the Gomer Archive should one ever exist. (^_^)

"If you're still talking about yesterday, you haven't accomplished anything today..." Lou Holtz

Cindy Boo

Corrine! I WILL definetly post a pic of my "New" Gomer shirt after the Cruise & Yes all you other "gomers" going on the Cruise - Let's Make this a Gomer Gathering! Love you all!!!!


Sad sad day, but I 'get it'. Love you all....& it's been a blessing to be a part of the Gomer family. It ain't over 'til it's over!! XX

Evan J. Nee

I am and always will be a Gomer... Sad stuff.

Jinna Marbry

Ain't given up the Gomer orange t-shirt...sorry:0) I'm even making one for my 8 yr old that wanted one...saying "Gomer in Training". So yes I may be the only one in good ol' Atlanta wearing it at the next Verizon (p.s. anytime Third Day wants to play the Fox again you have my blessing, awesome show!)fest but I wear it proud! Singlemom4Him Gomer is a forever proud Gomer:0)


Watching Chronology dvd, came across the commentary with Dave and Brad. Then Google Brad and come across the old discussion. Go to home page and here I am!

What a week - wore my old Gomer shirt to Davenport - then hear are all my friends - though none of us have met in person - yet.

Glad so hear from you all and now back to Inter-Bayern(soccer).

Big D


First of all, thank you so much for all you have done! I wish I could have been more involved over the years so you would know that our family has appreciated all that has gone into making the Gomer family happen! We had to depend on dial-up for years and it really didn't like the Third Day website so we weren't on there as often as we would have liked. :o( 2nd of all, be encouraged. THE ORANGE is not fading! There's a new wave of 3D fans and they want orange shirts, too! I honestly believe the economy might have had something to do with Old School Gomers not being at concerts for a spell because we, along with others we know, had to stay home from Third Day concerts (though it killed us to pass them up) for financial reasons. I'm sure that's just one of several reasons for lack of orange at concerts. And I've wondered if the guys in the band ever get tired of the Gomers and their orange. At the last Meet n Greet we were at, as our orange-clad family was having our pic taken with the band, I heard Tai say, "Orange is representing tonight!" We're gonna carry on, we can't help ourselves and I think the new Gomer FB group may be just what the doctor ordered! ML, Zookeeper Gomer

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