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    Third Day's newest released on October 19, 2010. Their last CD, Revelation, asked the question, "Tell me should I stay here, or do I need to move?" This CD answers that question, "MOVE"! And this collection of Third Day songs will inspire you to do just that.

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That gives me enough information.


Thanks for posting this Corrine. It's good to hear what the guys have to say....'in their own words'.


Cool page Corrine - nip in the bud, k? =D



I just now saw this. I feel better having this explained in a more full way. Very cool.

wendy fredette

I had the pleasure of meeting Mac, David and Brad in Everett a few years ago before a concert. It was a thrill to speak to each one for a minute or so but Brad was especially pleasant and gave me a bit more time to ask him questions. Talented, gorgeous AND super nice...I miss him already....I pray for Brad's happiness


I just stumbled upon this; thank you so much for posting this information. It makes me feel a bit more relieved. Will continue praying for Brad and all of the guys of Third Day.


That's cool. The guys and band have been evolving for years. Each must follow their individual and collective paths. All of them are class acts for respecting each other's privacy on this matter.


Although I was surprised to hear that Brad and the band parted ways, I still pray and hope that God will continue to bless all of them whether they are together as a band or not. Hey, maybe some day they'll be together again. You know that God does some wonderfuly mysterious things when we trust in Him.


To me Brad's exit was agonizing. He was the reason my son got involved in listening to Third Day instead of secular bands with really negative messages. The guys in the band said it was hard on them, but they are still touring while it appears Brad's future is uncertain. It think it's ironic that Brad's departure was around the same time as the band's change in manager and producer (per the Billboard article that appeared the first part of June).


Yeah, I wondered about the change in management too, but that's just speculation. Growing up playing guitar, Brad was always my biggest guitar hero (especially since he was in my favorite band), so I took his departure very hard as a fan. The guys have impressed me with their solid performances as a quartet since his absence, but we'd be kidding ourselves if we pretended it was ever going to be as good as it was with Brad in the lineup. I'd love to find out if Brad ever pursues any other musical projects, so I hope this page will keep us updated. Thanks for posting!


I think they have already lost that rockin' edge that Brad brought to the band. I'm not sure I'll really go out of my way to buy new material or see them now. I just don't know?

It's not like I think Brad was the best in the band, but he brought a synergy to the band - their sum was greater than their individual parts. I just saw 3rd day on TV and the spark was missing.

John Troy

I cannot wait until brad comes out with his own projects. And I especially can't wait to hear the sound of them either. Brad avery is an alsome guitarist and singer and a gifted song writer. BRAD YOU ARE ALSOME!!!!


I saw the band live for the first time this year and I definitely think they are missing that 2nd guitar. To me, although they still sound great, it is definitely much thinner without Avery's guitar. I hope the band will replace his guitar live. Maybe just put someone in the back like REM does to fill out the sound. I think it would help the live show. That being said they are still "alsome" with 4 and I will continue to support them because they write great songs and have a great ministry.


weak. No info. What happened and when is Brad rejoining or coming out with his own album? Simple questions. He's not just going to retire, we know that. Just a question of when.

Corrine aka Mama Gomer

We don't know anything. Maybe Brad is going to retire from music. Maybe he's had enough of the road and wants to be a "regular guy." Or maybe he is the next big thing. We have no way of knowing. Right now, Brad is a private person. Any further info will have to come from him, in his timing.


The two shows seen by me in Iowa were suprisingly well played.

Mark is doing a superb job and my human ear does not miss a second guitar.

Ray Bryant

Third Day's Revelation and other music has enlighten my spirit and brought me closer to God. Life is a struggle and in these trying times, it is extremely difficult to stay focused on Jesus and His love. We have the choice to choose and too many others have chosen not to while I keep fighting the demons and thank Third Day and their wonderful gift of music from God to keep me saying, "give me revelation..."

Al Kremer

I liked the interview. Yes, it was vague. And I understand why it had to be that way.

I trust that God knows what's next for Brad and for Third Day. As long as the guys keep their hearts open to letting God lead them, they will continue to make great music and draw people closer to our Lord...


What to say, I love this group from the offering cd, I just hear something different in their last album, That's ok to have our own way to widen the Lord's Way...

Clay Zirkle

Hey - I can tell you this - he's not "gone" - if you want to see and hear him live - come to Northpoint Community Church in Alpharetta Sunday, August 16th - he'll be playing with the worship band in our East auditorium. He's a great guy to work with (I'm a monitors engineer) and we're VERY glad to have him work with us - praising God with his awesome gift!!


I think Brad and Mark make a great team.It just doesn't sound right one without the other.


as a long-time third day fan who first enjoyed "a church service" thru third day's live music 12 years ago...I love third day... and, I love brad avery. it sounds as though they just wanted to go different directions. as a fan, I look forward to hearing more from both third day & brad avery///together or separate.
jimmy in FL


I have been wondering about the album revelation and wondering about the part that says additional guitars.Brad avery is not an extra or additional he is a main part of third day.


Saw Third Day tonight in Louisville, KY. It was the first time I've seen them since the Christmas Tour they did with Jars of Clay. They were awesome! However, you could tell a difference without Brad and they seemed to shorten or avoid the songs (from older albums) that had a heavy Brad trademark/influence. Mark fills in well, but it's not Brad. I pray that Brad is doing well and hope he will return to 3D one day!


All I'm happy about this news is that there was not fight or any of that stuff the gossip people like.
I completely understand what they are saying... sometimes people just need to move, change, etc. it isn't always bad, especially when we are talking about such a SPIRIT LED band. We know they will listen to God so all we have to do is pray for Brad and the Band and God will take over

Bryan Wilson

I saw third day in Cleveland a few years ago. We were in the front row when Mac asks if anyone could help out with vocals. Mac reached down and the next thing I knew I was standing right next to Mac singing Come Together. I nailed it of coarse. upon exiting off stage I could not help but to go to BRAD and HIGH FIVE the MAN. I'm a guitar player and I enjoyed watching brad more than any secular or Christian Guitar player EVER. I will never forget that night as long as I live!. Rock On Brad!


Several years ago I got to play golf with Brad - actually rode in the cart with him and we partnered to play another twosome. It was a great day - he's a solid golfer and was just so nice all day - He's the real deal so no matter what happened, I know it was for the right reasons. (Brad, if you're out there - BlackCreek, Chattanooga before your evening show).

Michael Shull

Hello Mac, Mark, David, Tai, & Brad....
Several years ago a friend let me listen to Third Day. From that point on I've enjoyed them both as a band and as spiritual healers. They were with us when the bad times came. Such as the hurricane that destroyed New Orleans. There songs were also there with me when my father past away. I'm greatful to have such people to show us the light in the darkness. Now, I can say to you be strong and go forward in the good fight. I don't know why Brad went on his way and I don't care to know. Whatever the reason it should be left between you guys. "Amen" I just wanted to say as a guitar player myself for 17 years, Brad was and still is awesome! Good luck to you guys and Brad. May God lead and guide your foot steps. See Ya!

liz lopez

Why hasn't brad avery told his side of why he left? There has to be more to the story. I mean why wouldn't he say he was leaving at the house of blues. Why did he leave just before the start of the revelation tour? why was it just sudden?


Mama, I'm having trouble finding info on Brad and North Point's music ministry.

Please post some information, a link, if possible.

Fellow Gomers: this means you can help me(us) too!

In His grip. <><

Casey G

How obvious does this have to be? Brad Avery wanted this band to identity with it's true "rock" self, and pave the way that the real world would take to realize that there are bands out there that can boast of having actual talented musicians that can produce real rock music. See: Conspiracy # 3, and Wire. Third Day, Et al, obviously wishes to remain in the Pergatory of Christian music, producing churchy, hand holding music (see: Come Together, Revelation)that will confine the band to State Fair shows and theme park concerts, without releasing the full, potent potential that Third Day posseses deep in it's bowels of Rockdom. Very sad, but typical....

Bob F.

Brad definitely brought something special to the Third Day sound. He will be missed, but artists sometimes have creative differences and thats OK! I think as Christians sometimes we think God wants to keep everything the same - well He doesn't. He often leads us thru change in our lives.
I saw them soon after Revelation came out and they put on a great rock show, evangelistic outreach and time of ministry!! All wraped up in one evening! Amazing!!
I have been going to concerts for over 30 years - having seen many of the rock stars from the 70's, 80's and 90's and Third Day can keep up!
I think the thing that makes them great is they stay available to their fans so keep playing theme parks and state fairs - its not about money and fame anyway - its about giving God the glory!! Im just saying:)

Lloyd Haines

I'm hoping that maybe Brad will finally do that Fields of Youth reunion tour we have been waiting for.


I think Casey G, although a bit harshly worded is probably pretty close to right on. I've been following Third Day since their first CD and saw them live a bunch of times for their first few tours (maybe like '96-2000). Back then they were definitely a rock band. But once the first Offerings CD came out, their worship songs (which had always been a part of their sound for at least a few songs per CD) began to take the forefront. This was right around the time (or right after) Sonicflood came out with their original CD (a worship CD with rock renditions of popular worship tunes). And also Delirious was getting popular in the States, and Hillsong was starting to explode. Suddenly worship actually became the most marketable "genre" of christian music and Third Day was at the forefront of that wave. They followed it, but also matured as a band and begin to include more mellow tunes some of which even included lavish string arrangements ("It's Alright"). These more accessible songs fit right in with another factor that changed the face of Christian Music: AirOne. Now instead of Christian bands just making creative whole albums, they had strong motivation to create singles. Songs like Come Together had a kind of pseudo rock fill, but playing standard chord progressions with maybe a spot for an 4bar solo in the middle can get monotonous even for a single mid level guitar player. But to have two professionally skilled guitar players now became overkill for the kind of music they were making. I'm sure he felt out of place and useless. And going on the road and just playing the same simple songs over and over again can drive an artistic type crazy. Even if you enjoy the fact that you are honoring God and bringing joy to people. Imagine someone who had a great gift of wisdom and teaching but was forced to set up chairs every week instead. As much as a necessity as setting up chairs is, the person would not be using the gifts and training God had blessed him with and he would ultimately be frustrated. Now I obviously don't know that this is the case here. But I've seen this happen a lot with Christian bands (worship especially). And a couple of things in the article hint towards it. For instance they mention that he brought a level of "professionalism" to the band. This is a compliment but also points to the needs that Brad had to create professional level creative music, not just basic chorded songs and solos (their older stuff had layered guitar harmonies and melodies as part of the entire song process). Also the very fact that they are being "vague" yet feel they have nothing to hide. It's not family, or sin, or fighting. But if it is in fact what I'm saying here then they would just not want to say it because how do you say that without making Brad sound...arrogant. Anyways, that's my two cents

Todd Dietrich

Look at the album covers of "Come Together" and "Wherever you Are". What message do you see being gently conveyed?

After listening to Revelation and Move, I am convinced this was an "artistic differences" thing. No way I can see them making Move with Brad still in the band.

Sad, but it happens. I appreciate that not one cross word has been spread by anyone in the 3+ years.

As for me, while I still enjoy the more country/southern rock sounds of Revelation (less so Move), I prefer the original sound, right up through Wherever You Are. (Tunnel is my 2nd favorite song after Thief.)


Lloyd has a good idea (imo) what is going on. None of us know exactly, we only have our own ideas as to what has happened. I feel like Brad left because of not being able to use his talents for God. Along with what Lloyd said, if you notice in the Offerings: A Christmas Project DVD he is introducing Christmas Like A Child and he mentioning how he's spending a lot of time on the acoustic lately. I started having problems with that towards the end of his departure. It seemed like every time a new album was released it was mostly Mark on lead and Brad on rhythm. Now, I'm a rhythm guitarist so don't take it the wrong way when I say that I was getting pretty tired of it! Lol. I couldn't understand why they'd use their best guitarist for rhythm so often and have Mark play lead. Any who, this post wasn't meant to offend anyone or to start an argument, I am just trying to be honest in how I feel about this situation. Third Day is still doing good; although I wish they'd just go to being an acoustic band since Brad left. I hope Brad decides to give us a solo album, I think he still has a lot to offer and is an amazing vocalist (watch the Come Together Tour)!


He is now playing at Buckhead Church on sundays. He is still playing his signature sounds. We love him here!

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