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Heard you're based in Wisconsin... having been born and raised there (I'm in Virginia now) I hope that's true! Got to see Third Day when they were here last year, and they're coming again...unfortunately, I can't go.


So glad that y'all posted this. I'm taking a Bible class and my first paper is on Gomer. Thanks so much. God bless,

Becky Bodnarchuk

Love this site, the insights and history and research and your name...Rahabs too.Blessings to you all. Thanks to our Sweet persistant Lover of our soul too. your sister friend


If she wanted to be with him, why didnt she return herself? Why did she have to be brought back? I dont understand why no one ever questioned anything...Why: Why did no one ever say "God, why do you want her (Israel) especially if she doesnt want you" or "Gomer, Do you even want to be with him?" Everyone pitties Hosea for having to wed and bring back his harlot wife...I feel bad for Gomer, maybe she didnt want to be with him and if thats the case how can she be blamed for no longer loving him? People today do it all the time-fall in and out of "love." So she was left to spend the rest of her days in a loveless marriage...Yeah, romantic.


I think we all come to places where we blow it big time. God allows it, he then allows affliction so we see that things of this life alone can not satisfy. I think Hosea went and got her because the guilt and the shame of leaving someone who truly loved you may have made it hard for Gomer to go back to Hosea knowing she broke his heart left her children behind. I think it shows beautiful redemption and restoration. Even once he brought her back he said no more prostitution and that he will not have sex with her for awhile. I know symbolic of God and Israel not have a king or prince to worship. I believe Hosea wanted her to realize she had more value then just a body to have sex with. Which I'm sure is all her lovers wanted and because of her insecurities she gave it away. It amazing what will spend our life on to feel valuable and wanted. Thank you Jesus for giving your life so we can know the depth of our value through your love.

Account Deleted



In response to K...

God designed marriage to be a union that wasn't to be broken but worked at. God placed them together so as not to give them happiness on this earth (though He does out of His endless love) but to shape them and bring them closer to Him.

Everything done in the Bible was for one ultimate purpose. Christ. God's true desire was to have a bride to have His people and the whole Bible is a book of Christ which is God's love.

Gomer may have wanted to return but was unable to out of guilt or feeling that Hosea would not take her back (sound familiar with our guilt and God's forgiveness?).

But what happens when we are saved is that our ideals and concepts change as the Lord begins to work in us. Gomer returned to her previous life of sin because of our sin nature. Romans 7:20 discusses that if we do things that we do not want to do (ie sin), it is no longer ourselves but the sin in us that commits these acts.

Hosea's situation is a difficult one. Raising your 3 children without your wife. But Gomer's is no better for she left the things she loved and I imagine her guilt kept her from reclaiming those things. So imagine the turmoil because someone that could throw away life with their children clearly has some strong internal struggles.

This is the beauty of God. He understands our struggles and is merciful as we go through them. He can see the outcome that we can't.

And I can relate with this situation as I sit with my 3 children while my wife of 8 years has spent the last year in the psychiatric hospital with a brain disorder. I've only lost my wife (God-willing that will change) but she has lost everything she has grown to love...

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